✓ Meetings with dieticians


In October 2018 our 4-8 grade students had a workshop with dietician. They had a chance to learn the basic information about healthy diet, what nutrients they need to grow and develop well and what they should avoid in their diet Later into the meeting students could do quizzes and crosswords about heathy eating habits and ask our quest some questions.


On 27 November our students  met  a dietician who explained the meaning of a correct style of life ,the benefits of healthy eating based on the right balance of the various components and the scrupulous observation of meals throughout the day. Pupils were very interested and involved ;they also asked the doctor many questions. Given the importance of the subject matter, a meeting was also held with their  parents (29/11/19).



On  23.01.2019     our students  met  a dietician for the "The Hippocrates Club"  who explained the meaning of the Mediterenean diet ,the benefits of healthy eating and he gave us information about the Ancient Greeks diet. Τhen the students had a workshop on nutrition


Last Friday, the Spanish students had the visit of the pediatrician-nutritionist, Miguel Angel Fuentes, former student of the College. Through slides he explained to us the evolution of the research work that has been carried out on the advantages and disadvantages of some foods.

He concluded by saying that each person according to their age, physical activity or environment in which they live, will need a different diet.

It was an interesting talk and the children participated with their questions and doubts.