✓ Health And Sporting Days


During Spring our students had many activities outdoors. They loved the walks, hiking on the Jurasic trails and playing sports outside. The weather was on our side and the students took many steps to heathy future.

In April our younger students had a meeting with the Beekeeper , who told them all about bees, beehives and the benefits of eating and using honey. Children could see, touch , smell, and taste, even hear the recorded bee buzzing, so all the senses were involved during this interesting and engaging meeting.

 As the celebratiuon of sprt days our school held the 1st Family Tournament when the parents and students had the oportunity to have fun together , competing side by side.


In March  all the students involved in the project shared sporting moments  at school with families .There were sports competitions too. Parents played volleyball and football (two mums played football!!). Some mums prepared and brought healthy snacks for everyone. . It was a very appreciated and successful initiative.

Our primary school pupils met an athletics champion (Benedetta Ceccarelli) who talked about her own personal experience and  it was very engaging.

Secondary school pupils met the Sporting Director of Foligno Football, the coach and the captain of the team. Our guests, after talking about their personal experience, invited the students to practise a sport, and to practise it with commitment and seriousness, respecting the rules, the team mates and the opponent.

The kids  were very impressed and asked a lot of questions especially to the captain of the team. The meeting ended with an enthusiastic hug to the player and to  the coach and they also signed many autographs.

On the 12th of October

we visited a farm that makes organic farming and raises cattle. The kids were very impressed


Taking advantage of a good spring day, the 6th grade Spanish students went to the mountains to spend a wonderful day.