Cooking day with grandma or grandfather


January is a very special month in poland because we then celebrate National Grandma and Grandpa Days. As a project activityour students cooked with their grandparents, Some of tchem did it during the workshop in the classroom , others cooked at home. There was also a competition for all the dishes.


It was  a very special day because some grandparents came to our school and taught us to prepare traditional healthy dishes. Pupils participated enthusiastically and also took notes so they could make those "precious” recipes again at home. The initiative was very successful : the food prepared was appreciated by all, the grandchildren were very proud of their grandparents and the latter thanked us for making them feel important and for making them have a beautiful day, different from the usual.


Grandparents of our students visited our school and all together cooked and tried a healthy recipe of a traditional Greek food cooked with tomatoes and rice