✓ Autumn events, sports


Our students are taking many healthy steps to better future this autumn . Together with PE and science teachers they hike and have many walking trips. Around Częstochowa there are a lot of nice walking terains with castle ruins and jurasic rocks. The 6th and 7th graders took part in the city run. They had a lot of fun and won trophies.


In this period outdoor activities were  carried out by all the classes involved in the project.

The secondary school pupils  also went on a trip to the mountain. Everyone appreciated and  participated with great enthusiasm.


our students participated in many sports activities, but also in walks in the area of Drama.Several times they then participated in a workshop where they described their experience


Last Sunday, the CJ 2 group (6th grade students) went hiking to Xorret of Catí in Castalla (Alicante, Spain) and we find ourselves with a day of wind and cold. Even so, the CJ are always able to adapt to the circumstances and we end up playing and having a great time all together in a beautiful environment.

The smaller students had some games prepared at the school. They enjoyed a lot.