✓ Another of a series of meetings with a specialist (psychologists, doctors…)


Our students had an opportunity to meat with the child psychologist, the coach of the speedway team as well as a passionate cyclist



On the 12th of October we visited a farm that makes organic farming and raises cattle. The kids were very impressed

On October 22, our students met a psychologist who, through games and activities, showed them how a healthy lifestyle also influences our psyche .It was a formative moment, but also a pleasant one.




Students of Šiauliai Medelynas progymnasium joined the initiative "Active, friendly, healthy". Today's school has faced serious challenges in fighting the Covid-19 virus. In 2020, our school organized the initiative “Active, friendly, healthy” under the decisions of the Minister of Health. The school community selected four relevant health topics: “Power of Movement”, “Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables”, “The Importance of Personal Hygiene” and “The Power of Sleep”.
Šiauliai Public Health Office (ŠPHO) helped to organize health promotion activities. During the sessions, the public health specialist presented health training and education tools. The most active students were awarded prizes.


During the second year of the project, in our school we organized meetings with a lot of specialists as: representatives Doctors of the Drama Medical Association,. (14th to 17th of October 2019) 

The activity was presented by the regional TV Channel "Star TV"

The football club «Doxa Drama» has a huge history since it was created in 1918. For many years it played in the First National Division of the Pan-Hellenic Football Championship.

Football players of our club within the framework of our project visited the school, talked and played with the students


Last Friday, Álvaro Martínez, Delegate of the federated sections of the UA sport, and José García, soccer coach of the Paralympic Hercules CF, visited us.

Álvaro, talked about all the sports that can be practiced in the UA. He told us all the help that athletes who study there can receive and in this way to be able to combine sports and studies.

He explained the importance of doing sports to have a healthy life and the benefits it has on our body.

José, explained his experience in adapted sports and he showed us some pictures and videos of the training that the players of the Paralympic Hercules do.

He also explained a new sport that is being introduced in schools, the Colpbol, a very fun integrative sport

Thank you very much to Álvaro and José!


In relation to the project that we have started the students of 5ºEP "Olympic Dreams", the athlete Domingo Ramón Menargues and his coach Joaquín Villar, who has been a physical education teacher in our school, came to our classes.

Domingo Ramón, uncle of the mother of our colleague Nubia, is Spanish explusmarquista of 3,000 meters male obstacles. He participated in the Olympic Games of Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles 1984, obtaining Olympic Diploma in both (fourth and sixth place respectively) in the test of the 3,000 meters obstacles.

After telling us a lot of anecdotes, we went to the athletics track of the school and made a career.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and anecdotes with us. It has been a real pleasure to meet you. We have learned that it is very important to eat healthy and play sports