About project

About project

The project  Healthy steps to better future is part of Erasmus + Schools Partnership and involves partners  from Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Italy and Greece. The project will last two years from September 2018 to August 2020.

The project concentrates on the problem which a huge amount of children in the school age suffer from. These days many families due to a fast pace of life do not pay enough attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and sufficient amount of physical activities. They also do not realise the negative consequences of neglecting those spheres of life. According to the researches every fifth child does not eat proper breakfast, and reaches for sweets and sweet fizzy drinks more than once a day. Every sixth child is at risk of being overweight and have problems with concentration and general fitness which badly affect their development. Around 35% spends 2h a day watching TV and up to 4h playing games and do not do sport regularly.

According to the survey conducted in our schools children have a decent amount of knowledge which they do not put into practice. The aim of the project is to change the attitude to a healthy lifestyle and implement positive habits into children’s daily routines. All the activities will provide pupils and their families with complex knowledge, set positive examples and promote healthy routines connected to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to this, the awareness of both our pupils and their parents will improve, which in the longer run will affect positively all the aspects of their life, let alone concentration, physical condition, positive attitude, general stamina.


To develop pro-health attitudes in pupils
To raise awareness of the relation between unhealthy nutrition and many diseases and ailments as well as between healthy lifestyle and better results in learning.
To educate parents and convince them that it is worth taking care of healthy diet and regular
physical activity.
To prevent early school leaving and various health and emotional problems.
To improve language skills and ICT competences
To develop intercultural competences and skills.
To develop the organizational and social skills.


November 2018 – August 2019

-Partner schools introduce themselves with videos or photo slides.
-Logo contest.
-Meetings with dieticians for students, teachers and parents – starting a series of meetings with specialists
-Healthy Christmas :”Cooking on the screen”. Schools exchange the healthiest Christmas dish by cooking it and recording the process , the recipes will be latter on included in the project cookery book
-“Dancing and moving with the new year, ” – films or photo stories presenting partner dance activities( discos , carnival fun, dancing lessons ) and winter sports promoting events
-Hour of movement for the family – workshops on physical activity for students and their families- each partner prepares different type of physical activity promoting sport and family time (swimming, jogging, cycling, roller skating, team sports)
-The second of a series of meetings with a specialist this time connected with for safe physical activity (athletes, sports doctors, trainers).
-Spring in the garden – we sow and plant.
-Health and sporting days- fairs with healthy food prepared from vegetables (harvest from the garden) with recipes which will later be used for the project cookery book, marches, races, bike rallies
-Active holidays – correspondence between students of partner schools on the TwinSpace platform on healthy physical activities during holidays Evaluation and reports after 1 year of the project

September 2019-June 2020

-Preparation of a presentation on active holidays
-Another of a series of meetings with a specialist, this time concerning the
influence of healthy lifestyle on our psyche (psychologists, doctors, ), trips to local establishments producing healthy food
-Further harvest from the garden
-Local rallies, ecological walks for teachers, students and families in partner Countries
-The second edition of HEALTHY CHRISTMAS- WINTER SPORT EVENTS – films about healthy ways of spending free time during Christmas .
-Cooking day with grandma or grandfather – healthy recipes of older generations – each partner country will have a workshop with students grandmothers or grandfathers cooking traditional and healthy food typical for the partner country attach the photo or video report
-Creating a weekly menu of healthy teenager – work projects presenting menus for the teenager based on the information and knowledge gathered during the project. Choosing the best menu and exchange with partners
-Etwinning quiz based on the info received in the project and partner countries – each school prepares a set of questions
-Creating the verses to the song by the partners about the advantages of participating in the Erasmus Plus project to the chosen soundtrack. Each country creates one verse and proposes refrain.
-English competition – a language quiz based on the terminology of the theme of the project
-Hiking and cycling rallies as well as on skates in each partner school
-Final report, evaluation, album on the project ( each country prepares a chapter of the album with actions in the project photographed and described + dictionary of the project terminology in their native language)


Our pupils will eat breakfasts, choose healthy snacks and healthy drinks. They will know what rational nutrition is and they will be able to compose a healthy meal.They will participate in physical education classes, and their free time with parents will be much more active. They will play sports or show other physical activity.They will want to stay healthy in order to feel better and get better results in learning.They will be able to share their knowledge and experience with their peers and familyTheir parents will change their family’s bad eating habits and organize activities so that they have as much outdoor activities as possible. All the participants will gain knowledge about healthy and harmful products and ingredients which will encourage them to read labels and analyze the products. They will expand their knowledge about a healthy diet and the role of physical activity as factors that improve the quality of life and affect the improvement of concentration, and, consequently, of results in learning. Our students will improve their language skills and ITC competences. The teachers will gain new experiences through the exchange of practices, they will improve their organizational skills and their competences in the field of communication using modern information technologies . The schools will increase their European potential